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The International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)

The XVIIIth Congress of the International of Women Architect in USA
From the 26th to 31th July 2015

Ladies, Gentlemen and dear Colleagues,

Both on behalf of the International Union of Women Architects and of myself I have the pleasure to invite you to the 18th International Congress of U.I.F.A. that will take place in Washington and Blacksburg.

L’UIFA organizes the XVIIIth Congress Under the name:
"Women Architects and her field of influence "

Together, during this International Congress, we will explore appropriate solutions related to the women contribution to the environment in architecture; the IAWA mission to collect the work of women architects in history.

We also thank the people who has helped us:
Mrs Donna Dunay, Board Chair of the IAWA.

Counting on your presence at this international event, we are glad to welcome you to our Congress.

Solange d'Herbez de la Tour
U.I.F.A. President

Contrary to the habits of the UIFA, this 18th Congress is organized only by our sister associations of the United States. The International Union of women architects U.I.F.A is leaving our US members to take the entire responsibility for the organization of all events.
Nevertheless, the UIFA wants to be kept informed of all actions related to the Organization of the Congress.
With its thanks, UIFA wishes to be kept informed of the Congress success and remains available to them for all details, influences, relationships, etc. necessary for a good conduct of the Congress.

Inscription for Congress :

To be eligible for discounted registration and other privileges reserved for members of the International Union of Women Architects (UIFA) you must be in possession of a membership card issued by the UIFA indicating your listing in Association. This will be required at registration and during demonstrations. The card is issued by the headquarters UIFA. Please keep us in order to send you the necessary information for yourself and for accompanying persons.

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